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Stella is a gorgeous dapple gray mare. Her coat changes color throughout the seasons. Stella came to the rescue as a filly and quickly became the rescue's mascot  - taking over the rescue as the "Queen" of the horses at Risen From the Ashes. Stella excels in dressage and jumping. She loves to perform and has a natural athletic ability. Stella enjoys dressing up as a unicorn, attending parades, ceremonies, and community outreach events, and is proud to be a Jackson County Sheriff's Mounted Posse horse. 

"Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person's life."

- Jackie Chan

Gemstone: Purple Sea Sediment Jasper - this stone has a strong connection to Earth's energy which can help it's wearer fight fatigue and exhaustion. This stone is said to provide soothing protection from negativity and can help encourage inner love and compassion. 



Mounted Posse Horse

Stella enjoys her Sheriff's Mounted Posse duties and community outreach. Her patience and intelligence make her an outstanding mascot for the rescue. 


Fun at the Farm

Stella loves to play dress-up and walk children of all ages around the farm. We love letting her gentle nature shine and showcasing her incredible personality. 

Stella edited headshot.jpg


Always A Friend

Stella loves attention and warm hugs! She will stand patiently for cuddles, grooming, and photos. Stella loves meeting new people and she adores treats! 


The Gray Queen

Stella is a gorgeous dapple gray mare with her shades of gray and white changing throughout the seasons. She has made the rescue her home for years and enjoys going on adventures. She is a true regal soul. 

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