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Our goal is to rescue as many horses as possible, rehabilitate them, and then help them find their forever homes, second careers, and a chance to find the love that they have always deserved. 


We go to local auctions, feed lots and work with other local rescues to find horses at risk and bring them back to our farm to rehabilitate, retrain, and rejuvenate so they are ready for their second chance at life. 


Risen From the Ashes is a 501c3 nonprofit organization run by Karen and Anthony Thaller and a board of trustees. Staying transparent through every process guarantees that your generous donations are going to the welfare of these horses, dogs, and cats at the rescue. 

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Karen started riding when she was 7. Her love of horses grew through years of riding and competition. Along the way she noticed the need to rehab horses and began a passion for the "unwanted" horses that are discarded. Anthony and Karen met and married in 2011. Anthony did not grow up with horses but quickly fell in love with Karen, her mission and horses. 
Although Risen From the Ashes has just been formed in 2019 Karen has been rescuing and re-homing horses for decades. She is excited that now she can have a broader reach and help more and more horses each year. 

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