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This adorable paint colt was born on June 10th 2021 at Risen From the Ashes. His beautiful mother, Fiona, was rescued from a slaughter pen in Colorado and made the trip to the rescue's safety while pregnant. Si was born and immediately we all knew he was a special little guy. Si had some complications at birth and a birth defect that needed extra TLC. There was a hole in his hoof that went up into his leg. With time and care, this birth defect was able to heal fully and with no complications. Si is now a happy, playful, strong, and adventurous colt. 

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

- Oprah Winfrey

Gemstone: Picture Jasper - these are grounding and harmonizing stones with strong connections to the earth. It is said that wearing these stones can stimulate body healing properties, enhance creativity, and influence positivity and security in the wearer's own sense of power. 



Training Sessions

Si is just the easiest going little dude. He will let us handle every part if him, picks up his feet, lets us put silly costumes on him, and follows us around. He is such a sweet baby! 


The Class Clown

Si has a unique sense of humor and a wonderful heart. When Aurora, the little Appaloosa filly, was weaned and didn't want to come out of the shed, little Si got her to come out and play with him. They're now the best of friends and enjoy going on adventures around the pasture, playing with the chickens, and rolling in the dirt. 



The Struggle Continues

Si and Fiona arrived back at the rescue from the vet's with a happiness that they were "home." Si was feeling much better but we noticed he walked with a unique gait. Another vet visit confirmed that Si had a hole in his hoof that went far up into his leg. It was a birth defect that would heal with some extra care, cleaning, wrapping, and time. Si was quickly on the road to recovery again. 


A Newborn Vet Trip

Si was born around 3:30AM and was a little rambunctious baby. Fiona kept a close eye on him and when he started to not feel well, Fiona let us know immediately. Fiona and Si were rushed to the emergency vet where Si was given treatments. Si and Fiona were well behaved, even though Fiona was very worried for her baby boy. 

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