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Ron Burgundy

Ron came to us through a transfer from a national Standardbred rescue as "Bergman Hotspur"- a registered and tattooed racing Standardbred. He was born in Illinios in 2007 and became an Amish roadster once his racing career ended. Ron ended up in a bad place and starving before he came to the rescue. Once he arrived at the rescue, he got his name from his often comedic yet lackadaisical personality. Ron takes everything in stride. He will also dramatically snort and roll his eyes at you - yes, he is a character! This hilarious guy has put weight and muscle back on well and is currently in training for community service in search and rescue. He is doing great, especially since he loves finding new people to meet! 

"Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are."

- Harold S. Kushner

Gemstone: Red Sea Sediment Jasper - known as the "worry" stone; this stone can gently ground and stabilize the wearer's aura, calm inner worries, and protect against anxiety. 



Staying Classy

Ron has a good-natured patience and comedic way about him. His unique personality has made him an amazing community outreach mascot for all rescue horses. 


A Friend to All

Ron has grown to love all people. He isn't particularly fond of treats but instead just loves the company. He gets along well in the rescue herd and can be spotted grazing in the tree lines at the back of the property's pastures. 




Ron slowly began to gain weight and muscle. He has a gorgeous black coat in the winter that gets sun-bleached in the hot Missouri summers. 


Arrival to the Rescue

Ben arrived skinny, sick, and with infected wounds and sores covering his body. He, understandably, did not initially trust people but his naturally friendly nature got the best of him. He soon became a general favorite at the rescue. 

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