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Patrick is a handsome smaller draft horse. He has an ever-friendly and food-motivated personality which allows him to make friends quickly. He has a spunky side that surfaces when his decisions are questioned but he is truly the resident class-clown type character here at the rescue. Patrick is a Fjord horse which is a light draft breed originating from Norway. A Fjord is one of the world's oldest breeds. All Fjord horses are dun in color. 

Isn't Patrick one handsome horse? Check out the natural stripe in his mane and tail. 

Patrick has one of the coolest jobs! He's a member of the Jackson County Sheriff's Mounted Posse and can be seen in parades, events, and on search and recover missions. 

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."

- Albert Einstein

Gemstone: Green Sea Sediment Jasper - also known as the stone of balance; this beautiful green gemstone can help the wearer find inner peace and emotional healing. It has been said to bring the wearer a sense of tranquility. 

2021 Cowboys for cops.jpg


Community Service

Patrick is an equine for the Jackson County Sheriff's Mounted Posse. He loves walking in parades, meeting people, and going on search and rescue missions. 


Relaxing at the Farm

Patrick loves to just chill at the farm with his friends. He has such a laidback personality. He can make new friends easily. 



The Photogenic Fjord

Patrick loves people and getting his picture taken. He is such a gorgeous color and has a dark stripe that goes from this head down to his tail. 


Riding Fun

Patrick loves adventures! His favorite thing to do is go on trail rides with his humans...or maybe its eating...Eating food might be his #1 favorite thing to do. He sure loves treats!

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