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December 24th 2020 a group of horses came to the rescue in very bad shape. They had fallen in a slaughter-bound trailer and because of their condition, they had to be discarded from that load. The rescue took on four broken souls: Glitter, Tinsel, Mistletoe, and Noel. Glitter had wounds on her legs and body, Tinsel had a skull fracture and fractured her withers, Mistletoe had injuries to both her eyes and her legs and body, and Noel was sick and completely traumatized from the event. We did our very best for our Christmas ponies but after many long nights, vet visits, bandage changes, blood, sweat, and tears, Glitter was the only survivor. Her indomitable spirit and kindness shines. She loves to welcome visitors to the rescue and has the patience of a saint. 

"Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

- Alfred Tennyson

Gemstone: Kunzite - this spiritual gemstone is deeply linked to the heart and love. It is said that the wearer of this stone will experience an uplifting of the heart and cleansing of negative energy. It will bring love, wisdom, and understanding as well as inner peace and calm.  



Always Making Friends

Since Glitter arrived at the rescue, she has made many friends. She has the most adorable personality and has learned to "pose" for photos. He best friend is Marielle, a Saddlebred filly. Glitter also enjoys the company of Eleanor the donkey and Kimberly the Zebu too. 


A True Girly Girl

Glitter loves baths and will let you comb her mane and tail all day. She loves to be brushed and loves her aqua halter encrusted with rhinestones. She loves sweets, especially carrot or apple flavored cookies. She stands quietly for her farrier care and is an all-around gentle and kind soul. 




Glitter's rehabilitation has had its ups and downs. She continues to have a hard time with maintaining weight but her initial wounds have all healed. She does occasionally get swelling in her back legs, but she doesn't let that slow her down. 


Arrival to the Rescue

Glitter (back right in photo) came to the rescue with four other injured mares. They were watched by vets and checked on hourly. For Christmas 2020, each mare received attention, TLC, and full bellies. Although Glitter was the only survivor, they all knew love and safety at the rescue for the holidays. 

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