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Fluffy was an owner surrender to us along with all of her brothers and sisters. Fluffy, having the longest fur and not-the-fondest-about-all-people personality watched her brothers and sisters all find homes and became the only one left of her litter. This is when we discovered her great love - dogs. Fluffy LOVES dogs and the bigger the dog, the happier she is. She adores Bear and Giblets, our Livestock Guardians. Wherever they are, you can find Fluffy close by...or grooming them, cuddling them, napping on them, or even walking underneath them. She's a bit clingy with her dogs. 

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

- Oprah Winfrey

Gemstone: Blue Lapis Lazuli - Known as the "Wisdom Stone," this stone is said to bring self-awareness and deep peace/harmony to the wearer. This stone can reveal inner truths while bringing good luck! 



Puppy Love

Bear and Fluffy are almost always together. Whenever Bear rests from his livestock guardian patrol duties, Fluffy is there to cuddle. It's an adorable, furry friendship. 


Making New Friends

When Fluffy discovered Bear, it was love at first sight! He, like Fluffy, is really furry and has a lot of hair. Fluffy absolutely adores him and Bear enjoys the friendship. 



The Comic Relief

As Fluffy's brothers and sisters got adopted, she continued to roam around the farm. Fluffy loves to explore! She's also not shy of other animals and sometimes can be seen playing peekaboo with her tail. 


Arrival to the Rescue

Fluffy arrived at the rescue with her litter mates. She was one of six kittens at a few months old. Fluffy was the fluffiest and is most likely a Maine Coon cat mix. She sure loves the outdoors! 

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