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Clover is one of our senior feline residents at the rescue. She is the BEST mouser and keeps kitty order at the rescue. She loves greeting all visitors and will accompany us on most tours of the grounds. She spends most of her days hanging out in the sunshine, hunting rodents, eating her kibble, playing with toys and teaching the young kittens about the life of a cat - all while wearing a somewhat judgmental face but the warmest personality. 

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

- William Arthur Ward

Gemstone: Green Chrysoprase - Known as the "Stone of Venus," this stone is said to bring happiness, good fortune, and prosperity to the wearer. This stone can instill poise and grace while encouraging non-judgmental attitudes. 



Wise Ruler

Clover enjoys the little things in life. She has her moments of fierce huntress followed by graceful queen of the cats at the rescue. She knows she is loved. 


Cabin Life

Clover loves long walks through the fields and cozy warm cuddles. She can usually be found giving tours or napping. Everybody wants to be a cat!



The Calico Queen

Clover is a calico domestic short-hair cat which means that she has a tri-color coat. Did you know that calicoes are nearly always female due to genetics? 

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