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Ben is a gorgeous Percheron gelding that found himself alone and lost in the horse slaughter pipeline. At only eight years old, he had been overworked as a logging and plow horse for an Amish family. He developed an infection in his stifles (similar to a human knee) that caused painful inflammation and a buildup of pus that needed to be drained regularly. His skeletal frame was haunting but his kindness stole our hearts. He has spent years recovering and is now an amazing and trusted steed. Ben enjoys dressing up as a rare black unicorn, attending parades, ceremonies, and community outreach events, and is proud to be a Jackson County Sheriff's Mounted Posse horse. 

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

- Karen Thaller, founder of Risen From the Ashes

Gemstone: Larvikite - this protective and grounding stone is said to help enhance inner transformations regarding change. It also promotes a strong connection with the spirits of Nature and will help the wearer "weather the storm." 

Ben JCMSP.jpg


Mounted Posse Horse

Ben has come to enjoy his Sheriff's Mounted Posse duties and community outreach. His good-natured patience and intelligence make him an outstanding mascot for the rescue. 


Fun at the Farm

Ben has had fun being our rare black unicorn and walking children of all ages around the farm. He is such a gentle giant and has his own herd of admirers. Ben also enjoys trail rides and parades. 

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Ben's stifles will need to be monitored for the rest of his life. He is currently in a light riding program that includes maintaining his weight and building muscle. He loves his stall, especially in the winter. 


Arrival to the Rescue

Ben arrived skinny, sick, and with infections in his legs. His spirit was broken but Karen brought his spirit back with the TLC Ben had always deserved. 

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