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Bear is a Livestock Guardian Dog who was relinquished to the rescue by his owners. We all instantly fell in love with his teddy bear personality and easygoing nature and Bear fell in love with all of us. Bear adores his people and the animals that he watches over. He is a very large dog and his size can be intimidating to people when they first arrive at the rescue, but his breed, the Great Pyrenees, was bred to protect. Bear is calm, intelligent, and well mannered. When he wants your attention, Bear has learned to touch his paw to you and wait - staring up at you with his big brown puppy eyes. Bear is a true gentle giant! 

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees."

- Amelia Earhart

Gemstone: Blue Apatite - this healing stone is said to stimulate intuition, self-insight, and inner clarity. It connects the wearer to a higher level of spiritual guidance while promoting emotional and intellectual growth. This gemstone can help the wearer gain an understanding of truth as well as releasing any grief or emotional exhaustion. 



A Friend To All

Bear is a true Guardian and adores all of his pack members. He is a very rugged dog and loves to be outside. Bear and Fluffy, the cat, can be seen patrolling the fences together in all types of weather. 


The Gentle Giant

Bear is so funny! When he wants attention he will put his paw on your leg and stare at you. If that doesn't work he will try to sit on you. And if that doesn't work, Bear will stand on his hind legs and stare at you until you notice him. Bear loves to eat cheeseburgers. 



The Fearless Protector 

Bear is a Great Pyrenees dog. He's a mountain dog and is really big! He also weighs over a hundred pounds and has a LOT of fur. Bear is gentle, strong willed, affectionate, fearless, patient, confident, and kind - everything that makes a great guardian dog! 


Best Friends

When Bear was surrendered to the rescue by his owners, he became fast friends with Giblets. We learned that Bear and Giblets swapped stories and took turns guarding the livestock. They are great at their jobs as protectors and always take some time off to play! 

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