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Anastasia came to us in the Fall of 2020. The Standardbred Retirement Foundation found her in a slaughter-bound pen in Iowa and were determined to get her to freedom. Anastasia was born in Michigan and raced as a trotting mare in Canada. She was registered under the name "GS Flossy" and her earnings totaled $47,173 during her racing career. She changed hands many times during her life yet none of her connections could or would help her. She arrived at the rescue absolutely exhausted. We weren't sure if she would make it. She let us care for her through her sickness and exhaustion and began to gain strength. Her spirit was unbreakable and her distaste for humans was understandable. Humans used her and failed her for her entire life. At the rescue, she is enjoying her much deserved retirement. Anastasia lives her life every day on her own terms. 

"There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way."

- Christopher Morley

Gemstone: Blue Apatite - this healing stone is said to stimulate intuition, self-insight, and inner clarity.  It connects the wearer to a higher level of spiritual guidance while promoting emotional and intellectual growth. This gemstone can help the wearer gain an understanding of truth as well as releasing any grief or emotional exhaustion. 

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Making A Friend

Anastasia was a loner for the first few months here at the rescue. She claimed her own part of the unfenced 80 acres - a plot of lush pasture near the stream and woods. It was her place and her safe space. For those months, she rarely ventured out of her chosen area. She was happy being alone, until a handsome new arrival won her heart. She met Haven, a gorgeous gray rescued Percheron, and they became best friends. Like Anastasia, Haven had been through the slaughter pipeline and worked for humans his whole life prior to being rescued. Unlike Anastasia, Haven loves people and Anastasia tolerates his puppy-dog behavior towards humans. Sometimes, we swear we can see her roll her eyes at him. They are inseparable. 


Retirement Realizations 

Although Anastasia is a very gentle soul, she holds much animosity towards the humans who have wronged her. She does not trust easily but she understands that she is safe here at the rescue. This is her first home where she gets to decide and make her own choices about her days. 

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Anastasia arrived at the rescue and we knew this would be her home for the rest of her life. She allowed us to care for her wounds and give her medications and her very own blanket. She fell twice during her first week here and we were afraid she wouldn't get to enjoy a long retirement. Both times, we helped her stand and she slowly regained her strength. 


Slaughter Pipeline Rescue

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation found Anastasia, at 23 years old, in a ship-to-slaughter pen. They reached out to us to provide her a sanctuary. This was the photo of her when she arrived at the pen. We don't know what happened to her during her time at the feedlot, but she arrived to us very skinny, sick and exhausted with bite marks and wounds all over her body. She did not look like the same horse but her Standardbred neck tattoo confirmed it was her. 

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