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Agatha is a Livestock Guardian Dog who came to the rescue as a young pup. We all instantly fell in love with her cuddly and loving personality. Aggie adores her people and the animals that she watches over - she's a great chicken guardian. Aggie loves to stop, drop, and roll whenever she meets new people. Once you become part of her pack though, she will lay on you and not just at your feet. She is as sweet as can be and loves her chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, and other fowl friends.  She is so loved!

"Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself."

- Roy T. Bennett

Gemstone: Amethyst - this healing stone is said to promote calmness and wisdom. It connects the wearer to a higher level of spirituality, clarity, contemplation, and a sense of control over life. This gemstone can help the wearer balance their emotions, calm their mind, and instill courage in their decision-making. 



Say "Cheese!"

Agatha is literally always smiling...or napping. She has the goofiest grin that is always plastered on her face. She's such a gorgeous pup. Her amber eyes give her face the prettiest golden honey color and accentuate that smile! 


Princess of Naps

Agatha can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Her favorite spots are anywhere that are the dirtiest and smelliest. She also likes to nap hard anywhere that would be in your way. Need to fill buckets? She'll be right there in your way and sound asleep. Only dinner bells can wake this princess. 



Honorary Goofball

Agatha has always had a sense of humor. Although she was originally terribly shy, she has since come into her own. Her days are full of antics that include rolling in dirt, playing limp noodle, roughhousing with her friends Bear and Giblets, and napping. 

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